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Shinya Sato
佐藤 晋也

Everything exists as the outside world originates from within myself. It is never the case that the inner world is a result of outside connection. Therefore, truth cannot exist in the outside. I must paint through my own perspective from my inner world.


While painting, I would unnoticeably reach a state of selflessness, as if the hand of God is making me paint. I experience a moment of bliss as a painter.


Every color has a meaning. Color is the life of my paintings. Painting is, in a sense, a process of arriving at the specific color in my mind that represent each shape.


Born and raised in the rich nature of Japan, I am devoted to nature belief and Animism. I believe that spirits reside in all things and always feels the beauty inherent in them. On the other hand, human beings are endowed with the power to create the world of their own imagination. I would like to create pictures of an ideal world with a fundamental beauty that I feel only I can see and convey it to people.


1969 Born in Fukuoka, Japan

Works and lives in Fukuoka

Began painting under parents’ influence from an early age.

Painting became the most important way to interact with the world while having tendencies which were later described as Asperger Syndrome.


Learned the basics of painting through formal training in high school design and art department.

Continued making oil painting works while working in the advertising industry.

First solo exhibition realized.


Dreaming about becoming an established painter, travelled through Europe and the United States, exploring each local art scenes.


Became a full-time Artist after returning to Japan.

Currently, working in hometown, Fukuoka.

sato exh


2018    “Wonderland”, Hillside Gallery, Tokyo

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060_01102019 (873).jpg

2007    “meme”, Fukuoka, Japan

2006    “WESTPARK”, Tokyo, Japan

2004    “DEBUT”, Tokyo, Japan

1999    “Super Phantastic Visual Language”, Fukuoka and Kumamoto, Japan

1996    “Seed Sowing Angel”, Fukuoka, Japan

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