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Taikei Kato
加藤 堆繋

Calligraphy is essentially the expression of oneself through the act of “spontaneous form creation” and embodies the beauty of rhythm. The Calligraphy works share similar appearance with architecture and is also described as music that coagulates.

As a student, Taikei Kato became aware of the relationship between the movement of his own body and space itself while writing large works that exceeded his height. While contemplating on this relationship, he encountered the works of Abstract Expressionism. He then travelled to New York to explore the fusion of calligraphy and abstract painting.

Kato was initially fascinated by abstraction even earlier in his life when he first saw the calligraphy stone carvings among the cultural and historical sites in China. Both the way the Chinese characters engraved on the huge rock weathered and blended into nature and the ink rubbings which captured them radiated the beauty of abstraction. After returning to Japan from New York, he found a similarity between the abstract beauty of the Calligraphy stone carvings and the way the ink bled through the paper which became the foundation of his own method for abstract expression of Chinese characters.

Thereon, while infusing his works with spirituality through the world of Chinese characters, Chinese poetry, and classical literature, Kato has introduced painting-like creative techniques, such as making preliminary sketches. As he continues to explore the conflicting vectors of "calligraphy and painting," "tradition and avant-garde," and "figurative and abstract, he has finally achieved his own unique artistic expression.

kato bio


Birth Name: Yasuhiro Kato

1964 Born in Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan

Work and Live in Tokyo

Professor, Tokyo Gakugei University

Surviving a severe traffic accident in his youth, Taikei Kato started to look for a purpose and decided to dedicate his life to artistic endeavor through Calligraphy which he has practiced since early age.


During Kato’s student years in Tokyo Gakugei University as a calligraphy major, he travelled throughout China, sought out historical sites where he could witness ancient calligraphy stone carvings and deepened his love for the culture of Chinese characters and calligraphy.


Kato became interested in the relationship between body and expression while making works exceeding his own size. He resonated with the creative philosophy of Abstract Expressionism and moved to New York upon earning his master’s degree.


During Kato’s time in New York University and The Art Students League of New York, he threw himself right into the rigorous local art scene while kept on experimenting with the fusion of painting and calligraphy.


Kato returned to his Alma mater in Tokyo and took on the role as an educator in calligraphy while continuing his path of making calligraphy works.

kato exh


2017     “Depth of Literature”, Gallery Concept 21, Tokyo, Japan

2016     “Back-and-Forth towards Literature”,Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Tokyo, Japan

2013     “Taikei Kato Solo Exhibition”, Wu Changshuo Memorial Museum, Shanghai, China

2013     “Taikei Kato Solo Exhibition”, Seoul National University of Education Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011      “Finding Criticality”, Gallery Concept 21, Tokyo, Japan

2007     “Phantom of Literature”, Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan

2006     “Until the edge of the Universe”, Gallery Concept 21, Tokyo, Japan

2002     “The most precious thing in life is its uncertainty”, Daikokuya Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

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